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Photo of Greg Buxa
Greg Buxa
Financial Consultant

About Greg Buxa

I’ve spent my life helping others. As a Coast Guard pilot, my favorite part of the job was helping others. Sadly, I also had to rescue people who didn’t have a plan, who went out onto the ocean and weather unprepared. In addition, part of my job included advising military members on how to be wise with their money and live on a budget. Both of these roles taught me the value of planning. Now, as a full-time financial professional, I continue to help people, now I don’t have to get wet. I love helping Christians set up and maintain a financial plan that allows them to live generously and use money wisely. My wife, Linda, and I have three teens. With their active schedules, we don’t have much spare time but I enjoying coaching football, gardening, and fishing. We also make time to volunteer at Ruby's Pantry food distribution, greeting visitors at church, and serving on boards for Lakeside LHS. Now it is my turn to help you with your financial goals, retirement and college planning.