About Donald Williams

What do you do when you find yourself a quarter of a million dollars in debt and without a job?  That’s the question I had to ask myself fifteen years ago.  I went back to my truck driving roots and began listening to the Dave Ramsey radio show.  Three years later, I was debt-free with a new budget and lifestyle in place.  I gained valuable financial knowledge and began helping my friends and co-workers achieve the same goals.  I then decided to take the same principals I was now teaching and apply them to my health by dropping 180lbs.
After ten years of driving commercial vehicles, a million safe miles, and helping coaching dozens families to financial peace; I decided to leave the relative insanity of New England traffic for the sunny vistas of Florida.  It was here that I met my wife and decided to follow my calling with Thrivent: to help others be wise with money.
Originally from Massachusetts, I grew up on the coast of Maine.  My careers have taken me to Florida, Iowa, New England and all over the Interstates of our great nation.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Maine, plus all the certifications for truck driving and licenses for financial planning.   I now reside in Middleburg, FL with my wife, adopted son, two dogs, a cat and an incredible community of friends and family.