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Whether you’re just starting out in your career or preparing for the retirement you dreamed about, I can help you identify financial opportunities to help you reach your ultimate destination with confidence.

I am Deb: married to my husband, Greg, mother to 6, and happy Oma to 8! As a Christian, my faith is very important to me and I enjoy sharing it in multiple capacities as a Bible teacher, Precepts leader, and through one-on-one discipleship.

Years ago, fresh out of college, I took a job with a company called AAL – Aid Association for Lutherans. It was the perfect melding of my faith, education, and professional training. After a break to raise and homeschool my children, I reconnected to the company (now Thrivent) through a series of God ordained events and here I am! It is now an even more perfect melding of my personal convictions, life experiences, and professional training. I love helping people to be wise with their money so they can live generously and reach their goals.

Community Impact

Reflections on turning 60.

Twenty years ago, when I turned 40 – do not read that again – my brother gave me a card that indicated I had attained the knowledge of the sages in getting to that age.  Seems I have continued to live in that  wisdom in reaching another 20 years.  What is this wisdom, you ask?  According to the card, one must simply keep on breathing!
Pondering this phenomenon, and not making light of it and the blessing that it is, I would like to expand this sagacity a little bit.
One must certainly keep on breathing.
Be present always.  Whatever moment you are in, difficult or delightful, be there.  Be with those who are around you.  Pining away for the past or longing for the future simply sullies the present.  So, be sorrowful, when that is appropriate, and rejoice when those times pass. As God has shown me to embrace the time at hand, He is faithful to show me what He intends for that time also.
Respect other’s opinions and ways.  This lesson is easy to apply as I travel around the world, but much more difficult “in my own backyard”.  When I am far from home, I am more likely to try to understand those around me than when in my home environment.  Yet this is where I spend most of my time.  It becomes a more pleasant environment when I let go of expectations of others and seek even here to understand, love, forgive and encourage.
Establish boundaries.  With the above in mind, I have learned that I am most content when allowing others to live the way the Lord has led them and follow His direction and path for me and my life. The caveat here is that there are times when the Lord means to stretch and grow me and the discernment to know when those times are is a constant matter of prayer for me.
Acknowledge pain – yours and that of others. I am a “glass half full” kind of person.  I rejoice and am thankful that God wove this attitude into my psyche and personality.  However, this temperament can negate the more difficult parts of life.  As I seek to truly know and understand those around me, I must accept the difficulties others face – recognizing that those same circumstances in my life might not be difficult for me at all.  This has been a major and recent revelation.
Trust God in everything.  Almost four decades ago, I was chastised by a respected and important person in my life.  The exact exchange went like this:  “Deb, do you know what your problem is?”  “No, but I think you’re about to tell me.”  “You don’t trust God.  Oh, you believe in Him, but you don’t trust Him.” Big ouch!  This same gentleman gave me a Bible and told me to read the Psalms and Gospels. I was arrogant enough at the time to be proud that I knew where those were in the scriptures . . . Before I finished reading the Gospels, the Word of God, the power of God unto salvation, had wrought its work in my heart and I became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and the finished work of the cross.  Glory, hallelujah! Trusting God for and in everything is not easy.  One must know Him and His ways better and better to get better at this. What a witness for the Lord it is!
Help those less fortunate. A direct command from Jesus.  How can we do any less?  The lack in someone else’s life is not always material – the spiritual birth in our very own country is staggering and brings with it great responsibility for those who follow Christ.
Express gratitude.  Gratitude takes what we have and makes it a platform of great testimony to the Lord’s goodness and mercy.  May I always be grateful and thereby enter His gates with praise and His courts with thanksgiving.  In addition, I have learned to let others know what I appreciate about them and how they are blessing my life. Some need this affirmation more than others – but I don’t know who is whom, necessarily, and therefore need to express my thanks to each one.
My life’s verse sums up my belief in how I can keep on breathing – “In Him we live and move and have our being.”  Acts 17:28
Live. Move. Be. 
Remain in Him.
By the grace of God I will keep on breathing,
August, 2020

Living generously in our local community

  • Volunteer, Thrivent Action Teams
  • Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity
  • Precepts Bible Teacher
  • Mission Team Leader
  • Member, Faith Family Church, Finksburg

Education & Accomplishments

  • B.S., University of Maryland, College Park
  • Life & Health Insurance Licenses.
  • FINRA Series 06 Investment Company/Variable Products Limited Representative.
  • FINRA Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent State Law Exam.
  • Million Dollar Round Table - MDRT is an honor for sales, client service, ethical conduct, & industry knowledge.
  • CLTC (Certified in Long-Term Care), a designation granted by the Corporations for Long-Term Care Certification.
  • CKA (Certified Kingdom Advisor)
  • RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional)

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Marie Reiser

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I have been blessed to be part of the GFG team since 2021. I live in Eldersburg, but the beach is my happy place! In my spare time, I enjoy walking, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 


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