About Collin Lythgoe

At Thrivent, I am positioned as a resource to serve my community. I am constantly pursuing a purpose driven life and career where I can directly impact the lives of members of my community and help them make the most of what they’ve been given. Your financial outlook can seem very complex, but my goal is to make finances easy and clear for everyone to understand and feel confident about. My colleagues and I strive to create lasting relationships with all our clients and provide individualized guidance and recommendations to best suite each of our clients’ needs and desires. I take pride in embarking on your financial journey with you and by becoming a trusted resource for you to call upon. 


I am an active member of my community and consciously make time for the things that matter in life: family, friends, faith and impact. Whether it be spending quality time with my family or going on adventures with my friends, I always try to ensure I am living the life I was given and not letting it pass me by. I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania and this is where my roots are planted. I love being a part of small-town USA and the lifestyle it provides. I tend to spread myself across a variety of different hobbies and activities, but my free time mainly consists of being in the outdoors and making memories with friends. I am constantly searching for new adventures and opportunities in life and am excited to continue living life to the fullest. 

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