Cole Launius

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State(s) Licensed:   MI

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Cole Launius

State(s) Licensed:   MI

Family | Faith | Integrity

At Thrivent, we believe that values are the compass that guides every decision we make. For me, family is at the heart of everything I do, as I cherish the privilege of being an uncle to my incredible nephew, Finley. My faith serves as a solid foundation, reminding me of the significance of cultivating a rich spirit in this journey of life. Upholding integrity is paramount to me, and I strive to live it every day.


Now, it is time to reflect on your own values and consider if they align with your spending habits. Are you making financial choices that truly reflect what matters most to you? Let us help you integrate your values into your financial planning, ensuring that your money aligns with your principles and goals. Together, we can create a harmonious relationship between your values and your finances, paving the way to a more fulfilling and purposeful financial journey.

Let's put your plans in motion

Are you ready to chase your lifelong dreams while making a positive impact on people and causes close to your heart? Allow me to provide the guidance you need to reach those aspirations. Let me know where you currently stand, and together, we will leverage my industry expertise to chart a course towards a financially secure future that aligns with your goals and values.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Income Protection

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