About Cody Hale

Before I joined Thrivent, my mother had been a Thrivent client for 15 years – I can remember sitting in a meeting with her and her Financial Advisor when I was just a teenager. The financial principles and advice that she was receiving made sense to me, and I knew that I also wanted to work with a Financial Advisor. So, once I began earning an income, I began my personal investment journey as well. Throughout the years of working with that same Financial Advisor, I was consistently impressed by the care and stewardship he showed toward our finances. We developed a relationship that made our meetings feel more like catching up with an old friend, rather than working through a series of transactions or just taking care of business.

After years of being in the client’s seat, I had become increasingly drawn to the privilege and duty that a Financial Advisor has to help people create and leave a legacy. When I hit a fork in my professional journey, it made it that much easier to jump into the role of Financial Advisor and continue that tradition of stewardship, care, and dedication to the financial future of those around me. Now the same Financial Advisor who gave me financial advice for all those years is giving me professional advice. He is mentoring and coaching me into this career as I aspire to make my clients feel the way I have in my work with him.

When I am not working with clients, I enjoy being a car nerd, smoking good cigars, playing Texas Hold ‘Em, and savoring a glass of fine whiskey. I also enjoy attending live musical performances that include anything from a metal band to a touring musical.