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Photo of Clint Jasperson
Clint Jasperson
Wealth Advisor

About Clint Jasperson

What gets me out of bed in the morning? I grew up in rural Wyoming which taught me the value of a handshake and that my word is my bond. My father passed away when I was 15. Because his finances weren’t in good shape, the legacy he left for my mom and younger brother was mixed. On one hand, he was a well known and loved teacher that many cherished. On the other hand, our family was thrown immediately into survival mode as we tried to keep our head above the ocean of grief and financial stress. I wake up knowing that I can help families avoid some of the pitfalls I experienced by strengthening their financial security and asking great questions about money. Who do I care most about? I am happily married to Lindsey with extended family all over the U.S. and here locally in Colorado. God, meditation, and good friends have also profoundly improved my outlook on life and ability to serve others.