Our story

Our story

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Our mission is to help people in transition find provision, contentment and enjoyment based on biblical principles, organization, clarity, and confidence through a team-oriented, mutually accountable family culture. We aspire to help clients who seek to lift financial burdens off their shoulders, and our vision is that they turn to us as their guide for finding provision, contentment and enjoyment. 

There’s no shortage of information about how to be successful with money. But if information was the solution, then everyone would be a retired millionaire by now. Our focus is encouraging clients to practice wisdom. 

We provide value by delivering competent advice, time savings, and preventing the opportunity cost from making mistakes. We help people navigate the winding road of financial choices and illuminate blind spots, so the decision-making path is clear and actionable.  

Team philosophy 

Our culture tells us that happiness comes from what we have. But we believe contentment comes from living a generous and purposeful life. One of our core beliefs is that everything we have is a gift from God. In addition, we have the moral responsibility of stewardship for those blessings. 

We look at stewardship through three lenses: provision, contentment and enjoyment. In our work together, we will focus on provision in the context of financial security and retirement income planning. We will also help you develop and practice a purposeful relationship with money by incorporating contentment and enjoyment into your money habits. Our mission is to help you achieve fulfillment and confidence with money. We do that by getting to know you, partnering to understand your objectives, and delivering meaningful advice.  

It’s our privilege to serve on your journey to a more purposeful relationship with wealth.

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