Chris Smith

Market Director

State(s) Licensed:   FL, IL, MI

Phone 989-737-4842

161 Ottawa Avenue Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Chris Smith

State(s) Licensed:   FL, IL, MI

It's a Great Time to Join Thrivent!

We foster a culture of excellence where every action is driven by a clear purpose and fueled by our commitment to our clients' financial well-being. We prioritize active engagement, authentic interactions, and candid communication. We navigate challenges head-on, recognizing and celebrating achievements along the way. We remain steadfast in our faith and uphold our promises to our clients.

Ideal Candidate for a Financial Advisor Career

An ideal candidate embodies excellence, purpose, and proactive engagement, communicating authentically and fearlessly tackling challenges with resilience and integrity. They value recognition, foster collaboration, and drive success through ethical conduct and teamwork.

We navigate our profession with unwavering ethics, understanding that our moral compass sets the tone in our practice. Just as we nurture and protect our own families, we extend that same dedication to our clients, recognizing their financial well-being as our utmost priority.

Why Join My Team?

I will match or exceed your level of commitment.

I will share in your passion for the mission you are on.

I will accept no excuses in your journey towards success.

I will do life with you and participate in all your ups and downs.

I will run through a wall to support your growth and celebrate your milestones.

Thrivent offers entrepreneurship so you can own your success, a hybrid work environment so you can combine the benefits of remote work with the advantages of in-office collaboration, and a flexible schedule to help you achieve work-life bal

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