About Caleb Whicker

Hi there! My name is Caleb Whicker. I provide personalized financial guidance to people at all stages of life through collaboration and relationships.

I believe money is a tool not the ultimate end goal. It should be used to enable you to live a life full of meaning and gratitude. Whether that means retiring on the beach, serving orphans in Africa, or faithfully stewarding the resources God has given you, I want to help you make the most of your financial situation.

I graduated from Cedarville University, majoring management and finance, with a minor in Bible. I went to college in Ohio but am a Hoosier at heart. A boilermaker through and through, you can find me cheering on Purdue football and basketball all year long. I'll never pass up a day on the water, or a morning on the golf course with some friends.

My wife Kaylee and I attend College Park Church and are passionate about the ministry happening at Twin Lakes Camp in Hillsboro, IN.

Your finances should be a reflection of your goals and values and I want to help make that happen.