My "Why"

I started in this business as a receptionist for a financial advisor. I worked my way up by getting insurance and investment licensed. I eventually took a leap of faith and moved back to my hometown and became a self-employed Thrivent Financial Advisor. The mentors I had along the way helped me realize how much I wanted to protect my family from any unexpected event.

It was the summer of 2018 and I had been working at Thrivent for about a year. I was 6 month pregnant with my second daughter and had a 14 month old daughter named Emma. My husband and I took Emma camping for Father's Day weekend. We had family members join us and enjoyed the nice weather. I woke up that Sunday morning, Father's Day, with a bad feeling. When I went to go and check on Emma, I found that she had passed away. The doctors told us she had a fast acting pneumonia that attacked her body in the middle of the night.

The most unexpected event happened to my family. If it had not been for the career that I was in and the mentors/advisors that helped me, I would not have been able to financial survive.

So my "why" is to make sure that everyone is ready for ANY "unexpected event" and helping them live life to the fullest without losing sleep over their financial plan. Because they will have one with me!

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Dakota Associates

Dakota Associates

 We focus on overall holistic planning style versus a specific niche market. This has helped us evolve and grow as a practice. We strive to continue to increase the Thrivent values through our community.


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