About Brian McCaskill

Every morning I look at my schedule for the day and get excited. I might be meeting with a long time client who, after years of hard work, is experiencing a comfortable retirement and wants to discuss how to leave a legacy. Perhaps on the schedule is a younger family, trying to juggle paying for their kid's education, saving for their own future, and helping out Mom, who needs just a little help these days. Or, it's a new client I'm speaking with for the first time and hearing their story. I'll learn what gets them motivated, what they dream about, and the fears that keep them up at night. Whatever the day has in store, I get to help those I work with plan for their future and adapt to the present. And on those days that I don't step into the office, I spend as much time as I can with my own family - my wife, Liza, and my two children, Lily and Viktor, enjoying all that the beautiful Jersey Shore as to offer.
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Capital Group


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