About Alyssa Henneman

Alyssa grew up in the suburbs of Denver, and moved to the small town of Limon, Colorado during high school. After experiencing both lifestyles, Alyssa developed an affinity for small-town living and a simple life built around deep family and personal connections. She moved to Iowa and attended Simpson College in 2013, where she found a passion for finance; she graduated three years later with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a minor in accounting.

Soon after her move to Iowa, Alyssa met her husband, Spencer. The two tied the knot in 2018 and have since been blessed with two children: Walter and Lilah. Alyssa enjoys spending her free time making memories with her family; they often take day or weekend trips to museums, zoos, and other attractions, or longer road trips where they explore new places and learn new things together.

She learned from a young age the importance of living within your means and preparing for the financial future. Her drive towards being financially prepared led her to schedule a meeting with Chad Robinson, her local Thrivent representative. He saw something unique about her and encouraged her to consider a career as a Thrivent representative, like himself. After some prayer and much reflection, she began her journey with Thrivent in August of 2017, and later joined the Abide Wealth Advisors team, alongside Chad and Craig Tharp (and later their office professional Ariel Erickson), in December of 2018.

Today, Alyssa is continuing to grow as a financial advisor and striving to provide an optimum level of planning tailored to each individual or couple who sits down and places their trust in her guidance and expertise. As a part of that growth, she is currently taking classes as a CFP candidate. Her favorite aspect of financial planning is helping clients put their unique pieces together in the most efficient way, and walking alongside them as they accomplish their goals.

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