About Adam Hautly

Adam has always loved numbers. When he was 8 years old, Adam was fascinated by the interest rate table book that his parents had. Reading through it constantly piqued his interest and sent him down a path in finance. Working for his family’s business as CFO ignited that passion even further as he explored the business-side of finance and found what a difference he was able to make in people’s lives. Seeing this difference drove him to make a career out of helping others toward financial and retirement stability.

By looking at all of the pieces in a financial plan, Adam is able to lay out a clear, easy-to-understand picture that takes everything into perspective for his clients. Working together with a client’s CPA/Estate Lawyer/P&C agent, etc. and listening to not only their input but the clients’ as well further ensures a seamless collection of all aspects of his client’s financial picture. This all allows him to weigh in by considering every piece of your financial story, not just the investments and protection.

Throughout everything, family has remained a central support system for Adam. While working from home during the pandemic, Adam had no idea just how many art projects Eloise and Louis, his two young children, did nor how many interruptions would happen when those pictures got drawn, painted, or colored. Thankfully his wife Neile has continued to be not only a phenomenal wife, but mother as well throughout everything life throws their way. Adam says if he could be in one place in the world, it would be Florence, Italy. In the US, it would be at Table Rock Lake in Southwest Missouri. And if it were one place in Saint Louis, it would be his kitchen cooking for friends and family.

Core values are extremely important to Adam, and you will find this is true with the utmost care and attention-to-detail he gives every client.

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