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Photo of Zackary Czerwonky
Zackary Czerwonky
Asct Producer II

About Zackary Czerwonky

Hello, my name is Zack Czerwonky and I am proud to represent a company like Thrivent. I'm at Thrivent today because of the shared christian values that I have with the company. My wife and I try to put Christ first in all we do. We are actively involved at our church in downtown Indianapolis, Trader's Point Christian Church. As Thrivent members, we love using our Action Teams in our small groups to encourage others to live generously! I am a Hoosier at heart, so I cheer for our local sports teams. Making it to a Pacers and Colts game at least once a season is a requirement in our household! We also never miss an opportunity to try all of the amazing foods at our State Fair every summer, the fried Oreo's are my wife's favorite. The vision that I have for my practice is one that is "you" centered. My job is to walk along side you through the seasons of your life and help you reach your goals in a way that honors Christ. I hope that today is the day we start this journey together!