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Photo of Vicki Lilley
Vicki Lilley
Financial Associate

About Vicki Lilley

I have been with Thrivent for 16 years and am part of a larger team of colleagues with varied specialties. I chose to work with Thrivent because I am passionate about helping people protect their families against setbacks. My family had an experience 8 years ago that had devastating consequences and taught me the importance of being prepared for the unknown. Going from two incomes to one income overnight led to years of struggle – which I can now say was a blessing in disguise. Now I am called to provide financial guidance to others to plan ahead for these types of interruptions. My husband, Derrick, and I have three amazing kids – Aiden (16), Greysen (7) and Colby (7). We belong to Calvary Church in Souderton and enjoy volunteering, being outside and camping as much as possible. I am actively involved at church and in various organizations in and around Perkasie and the Pennridge area.