Our story

Our story

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True Path Planning was formed in 2021 by Nick McNabb and Karly Hoerig, and Sarah Foy-Mireles joined them soon after. Since coming together, these three genuine, caring individuals have been using their unique strengths to help clients with a wide variety of financial endeavors.  

The team’s veteran, Financial Advisor Nick McNabb, has worked for Thrivent for more than 15 years. As an eternal optimist and people person, Nick strives to help clients tackle their finances with comfort and confidence. Nick also loves helping employees who are new to Thrivent, which is how he met Financial Advisor Karly Hoerig in 2017. 

Karly had an informational interview with Nick in 2017 and then reconnected with him months later after graduating from college and moving to San Antonio. She decided to work with Nick at another Thrivent practice, which is where they met Insurance Associate Sarah Foy-Mireles when she started at Thrivent in 2021. 

Karly, who has a penchant for empowering others, and Sarah, who is warm, open and a self-described cheerleader, hit it off right away, as did Sarah and Nick. Soon after, they decided to form their own Thrivent practice, and that’s how True Path Planning was born.  

Our values 

Fealty: Focusing on intentional value for clients instead of short-term profits. 

Clarity: Speaking the truth, with kindness and respect, to help strengthen relationships. 

Generosity: Sharing our time, knowledge and resources. 

Improvement: Pushing our team—and our community—to become the best we can be. 

Joy: Taking responsibilities seriously … ourselves, not so much.