How we work with you

How we work with you

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Our approach to guiding you toward financial clarity is shaped by your individual needs. To best align your plan with what’s important to you, we can help you:  


  • Understand your current situation and map out your future priorities.  
  • Set actionable goals based upon your needs, wants and wishes.  
  • Move forward with confidence to get you where you want to go.  


We know you have unique financial priorities; that’s why we offer three different options for working together. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve provided a breakdown for each option. Keep in mind that these services can be provided on their own or together for a more holistic strategy. 


Dedicated Planning Services 

Within our personalized dedicated planning services, you gain a partner to help build and navigate a plan that reflects your personal goals. You can be matched to one of our team members licensed to offer investment advisory services, who will evaluate your current situation and help ensure that you are well positioned to move forward with confidence.  


A personalized dedicated plan can be provided as a one-time or ongoing service—whichever meets your needs. Fees for this service depend on several factors but will never be sprung on you. After agreeing to the level of service that is right for you, we will provide purpose-based advice, clearly written recommendations and action steps to help you focus on what matters most to you. 


Implementation of written recommendations is separate from Dedicated Planning Services and the associated dedicated planning fee. You have the option, but no obligation, to implement all or any portion of your written recommendations through Thrivent. 



Managed account program 

Our managed accounts program can help you get on track and stay on track with your investment goals. By offering investment advice with personalized services, our financial professionals can help you make investment decisions guided by your priorities. 


We offer both discretionary and nondiscretionary managed accounts, so you can choose how involved you want to be with investment decisions. With the ongoing professional management of your investments, you can have more freedom to think about the other important things in life. Annual fees may be negotiable and are determined based on a percentage of your assets and the service level that fits your needs.* 


Solution-based strategies 

We offer a wide array of solution-based strategies to help you feel secure in your finances. These investment and insurance products are a great option for people who want to meet a one-off need, such as: 

  • Life insurance 
  • Disability income insurance 
  • Saving for higher education 
  • Annuities 

Or they can be combined to form a diversified portfolio of solutions to help you meet larger goals like protecting your future, saving for milestones, taking care of loved ones, and living a life full of meaning.  

Costs vary based on the product or account type purchased and may include transaction-based commissions, account service fees or sales load charges. 


*In all programs except the Thrivent Advisor Guided Program, Thrivent financial professionals do not have discretionary trading authority. 



Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. The product and summary prospectuses for applicable securities (including mutual funds held in an account) and the Thrivent Investment Management Inc. Managed Accounts Program Brochure contain information on investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses, which investors should read carefully and consider before investing. Available from a Thrivent financial professional, at or by calling 800-847-4836.