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Photo of Tim Blandford
Tim Blandford
Financial Consultant

About Tim Blandford

Growing up I was taught to respect others, do the right thing, work hard and save your money. As I got older, I learned about perseverance and faith. These teachings allowed me to navigate a career path that led to Thrivent Financial. Working as a Civil Engineer out of college, I realized something was missing. I had a great job with great benefits, but the opportunity to impact individuals and families was what was missing. I remember my friend asked if her dad could come over and talk about life insurance and financial planning, which he did. After the meeting, I knew the direction I needed to take. I’ve been with Thrivent since December 2000 and feel just as grateful and excited to help guide my clients now as I did back then. Outside of my busy career, I enjoy spending time with my wife Shawnae, daughters, Emma and Madi, actively volunteering with the Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity affiliate, and being outdoors fly fishing, hiking, camping or simply relaxing on a warm beach.