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Photo of Thomas Kopelman
Thomas Kopelman
Financial Associate

About Thomas Kopelman

Thomas specializes in building successful financial strategies for millennials. He is focused on learning about what financial success uniquely means to each of his clients, and then implements a roadmap to get them there. This is consistently monitored and adapted based on life events that cause change in course—Thomas is with his clients every step of the way. This relentless commitment to his clients is the key difference in our financial planning process. Thomas partners with clients in the following ways: • Budget development • Cash flow planning • Debt management • Protection planning • Investment strategies • Fee-based planning • Company benefit optimization Thomas is passionate about serving others in a way that helps them achieve what they want out of life—which is why he chose to pursue this career after college graduation. Thomas graduated from Butler University and outside of work, he spends his time coaching basketball and spending time with friends and family.