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Photo of Terry Hokaj
Terry Hokaj
Financial Consultant

About Terry Hokaj

I began my career with Thrivent Financial after my Financial Advisor helped my wife and I get out of debt, start saving for retirement, and prepare against setbacks in life. He was a true mentor and inspired me to want to help others in the same way. Today, I have nearly 16 years of experience with Thrivent Financial. In my practice, I enjoy helping people prepare for retirement so they can enjoy the things they do with comfort and confidence. I also like to help retirees with tax and estate strategies in order for them to leave as much as they can to their kids, grandkids, and Churches or charities. While Thrivent does not provide specific legal or tax advice, we can partner with you and your tax professional or attorney. I am married to my wife Liz. I have 2 kids, Luca and Tara. When I'm not helping people with their finances, I enjoy playing the bass guitar, exercising, running, hunting, and watching my kids swim.