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Photo of Tammy Rupert
Tammy Rupert
Financial Associate

About Tammy Rupert

Being a mother of 7, I’ve always been thrifty. Being wise with our family finances was always important to me and I didn’t spend carelessly. I knew that carrying life insurance was the responsible thing to do, but it was another added expense to be budgeted. When I heard about Thrivent, a Christian membership organization whose mission is to help its members be wise with their money, and live generously as well, I knew it was worth checking into. Now, years later, after raising my children, I'm using my business degree in business administration and management to be a part of the Thrivent team! Spending time with friends and family is very important to me. We lovingly refer to our home as "Fort Rupert" and frequently host get-togethers. My husband Brad and I enjoy attending services at Grace Baptist in Muncy.