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Photo of Tammy Miller
Tammy Miller
Financial Associate

About Tammy Miller

Every day I come to work knowing I can help someone navigate the confusing world of finance. Sometimes small, calculated steps make the difference between succeeding and falling short of your goals. Early on my focus wasn’t on financial planning and investing. I received my MBA with the intention of becoming a CPA. After paying for and receiving my study guides and test material, Thrivent called with an offer. It was an offer that would change my career path and one that I am very thankful for. I now get to utilize all the knowledge that I studied for and so much more. Personal finance is about more than just the numbers. It is about my clients, their families, their interests. It is putting the puzzle pieces together to build a retirement that you’ve worked your life for. It is navigating the ever-changing economy, products, and regulations that are too much to do alone. It is where I found my passion.