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Photo of Susan Reeck-Mathe
Susan Reeck-Mathe
Financial Associate

About Susan Reeck-Mathe

Life is a journey that has many twists and turns. Faith, family and friends helped guide me through unforeseen events along that journey, medical and financial. As your financial guide, I will listen to your needs and together we will develop a plan that allows you to identify your important goals, be wise with money and provide opportunities to live a more generous life. I grew up in the La Crosse area, and after college, my husband Durand and I moved to Stevens Point so I could pursue my Paralegal career. After our daughter Hayli was born, we returned to La Crosse. My journey led me to the Early Childhood field as a Teacher, Assistant Director and Consultant where I developed a strong sense of compassion and the desire to make a positive impact in people’s lives. As a family, we enjoy playing games, sitting outside by the fire, snowmobiling and 4-wheeling. My other hobbies are painting, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking and any other craft Hayli thinks we should try!