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Photo of Sean Hilliard
Sean Hilliard
Financial Associate

About Sean Hilliard

I am married to my amazing wife Koren (pronounced Corinne, though she would never correct you), and we have two wonderful daughters, Maddison and Samantha. We have lived in Raleigh or Wake Forest our entire lives and have no intention of ever leaving! I love Hurricanes hockey, Liverpool FC, music, and Jesus. My wife and I have walked Dave Ramsey's baby steps since we got married and it has brought us to the unique yet amazing position of having zero debt of any kind before the age of 30, not even a mortgage. We have paid off credit cards, car debt, student loans, cell phones, and a house. We don't share that to pat ourselves on the back, and we can't even take all of the credit, but we share it to serve as a testimony that it can be done. Being successful with money is no easy and it requires a lot of "no", but making the hard choices has allowed my wife to live her dream of being a stay-at-home mom and me to live my dream of serving people the way I want - teaching and serving first.