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Photo of Sea Glass Wealth Advisors
Sea Glass Wealth Advisors

Meet Sea Glass Wealth Advisors

Sea Glass Wealth Advisors isn’t an office full of people you meet just once or twice. We’re here to make the financial planning experience smooth, comfortable and dare-we-say-it fun. You’ll get to know the whole team as you schedule your appointments, build and implement a plan, call with questions, attend our social events, lead a Thrivent Action Team and introduce us to your friends and family. We’ll help you make decisions around your insurance, investing and retirement planning needs by getting to know what really matters to you. We see money as a tool, not a goal, and through this lens can accomplish more in bringing you real satisfaction. We also want to support the ways in which you live generously at your child’s school, through your faith community or in the lives of your friends and neighbors. Thrivent has a number of resources like Thrivent Choice and Thrivent Action Teams to support the causes that matter to you and we want to help you use them.