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Photo of Scott Parson
Scott Parson
Financial Consultant

About Scott Parson

I am the Father to three amazing children and married to the love of my life, Debbie. My passion is helping people to be financially secure. I thoroughly enjoy the relationships that have been formed over the years and I'm very thankful for all. In my spare time, I am a snowmobile fanatic, I am often seen flying my drone and taking photos and video from high above and I can be seen on the water in my bright yellow boat in the summer. When asked how or why I got into this career, It all started with a strong interest in investing. I also always felt as though I was left short when dealing with Financial Advisors and I decided to make a change and try to do it better. In every position I have ever held, something was always missing and when speaking to Thrivent Financial, I realized what it was. This company allows us to do so much good and help people in ways that no one else can. I look forward to working with, and meeting each of you.