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Photo of Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson
Wealth Advisor

About Scott Ferguson

I grew up in northern rural Minnesota where I learned to treat people right and the value of a handshake. My father was a small town doctor and my mother ran a preschool out of our church. I always admired the relationships my father had with his patients and the bond my mother had with her students and their parents. They both served others joyfully and had a positive impact on our community! In law school, I was getting certified in family law mediation where I saw first-hand the impact money can have on a marriage. I knew then I wanted to help couples learn to communicate and get on the same page when it comes to money. I'm not a robot that just analyzes data and spits out a result. I truly want to engage with my clients to understand their unique priorities and work together to develop and accomplish goals! I am happily married to my wife Angela and we enjoy playing with our daughter Elle Louise (4) and our son Otto (2) and serving together in the community. Avid Gopher fan!