Investment Management

Investment Management

We define success as increasing the probability of meeting your financial goals.

Several decisions can impact investment success, but Schaefer Financial Group believes starting with a goals-based financial plan can help lead to greater investment success. 

We offer strategies with a broad menu of investment options, such as:

  • Managed accounts are investment portfolios you own, but they are managed by an investment professional. Managed accounts can be a good fit for individuals and families who prefer to have ongoing investment management and guidance by experienced financial professionals. For more information, visit the managed accounts section on
  • Mutual funds can offer flexibility and choice to help you manage risk, build a diversified portfolio and pursue lifelong goals. For more information, visit the mutual funds section on
  • Annuities combine insurance and savings into one financial product and can guarantee income in retirement for as long as you live. If you’re planning for retirement, annuities may complement your existing 401(k) or investment strategy. For more information, visit the annuities section on

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