How we work with you

How we work with you

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Schaefer Financial Group is dedicated to delivering the customized strategies and attentive service you deserve. When you work with us, the experience is as much about helping you fulfill your values and sense of purpose as it is about achieving your financial objectives. We are passionate about inspiring you to achieve new possibilities and we are with you every step of the way—helping you find the best path for your journey.  

Genuine relationships  

We forge deep, long-term relationships built on transparency and treat our clients like family. At Schaefer Financial Group, we strive to fully understand your unique expectations, concerns, goals, values and dreams. We then help you realize your life vision and focus on what is most important to you—be it the success of your family, personal aspirations, or the legacy you want to leave for the people and causes you care about most.  

Objective advice  

No matter what life stage you’re in, you can depend on us to help you navigate the complex choices and challenges that planning for the future brings. We offer comprehensive solutions and strategies to help integrate all your interests—family, business, lifestyle and philanthropy. Our goal is to help you make thoughtful choices and live the life you envision. 

Dedicated planning  

When you work with us, you will find that our goals-based approach helps define how you want to live your life. Our experienced financial professionals, intuitive tools and holistic process help manage your lifestyle, investment and protection needs. And our research, knowledge and expertise provide insight into the nuances of your goals—and how all the pieces fit together. As life happens and your circumstances change, we’ll help you stay on track.  

Our Method

During each step of our method, we address various aspects of your financial life.  

Step 1: We start with an introductory conversation to ensure our values align with each other. 

Step 2: We help create a comprehensive dedicated plan that includes your entire financial picture and identifies vulnerabilities. We want to learn everything we can right now, instead of waiting until it’s too late.  

Step 3: This is a session where we focus on tax efficiency. We analyze current and illustrate potential future tax liabilities to help you save and distribute your wealth through tax-efficient strategies during life and at death. 

Step 4: Next we assess your risk management. Your income is one of your most valuable assets. Protecting your financial present and future is a cornerstone part of developing your dedicated plan.

Step 5: We take deep dives into other important topics, such as: 

  • Investment efficiency 
  • Charitable donations 
  • Lifestyle goal optimization 
  • Debt management 
  • Budgeting assistance with online expense tracking and dynamic optimization tools 
  • College planning 
  • Social Security optimization 
  • Medicare supplemental insurance analysis 
  • Estate planning 
  • Distribution planning both during life and at death
  • Gifting strategies

Step 6: Together, we set up meetings throughout the year to review your financial situation.