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Photo of Ryan Thorpe
Ryan Thorpe
Financial Associate

About Ryan Thorpe

When I think about what drives me and my practice, generosity is high on the list. This value drew me to working with Thrivent Financial. As someone who has experienced great generosity, I want to help my clients create financial security so they can be generous and build a legacy. I transitioned to working with Thrivent Financial in 2017 with finance background after working for many years in banking. I understand the fear of the financial unknowns and bring both empathy and experience into our conversations as we customize a plan for you. I am passionate about working with young families as they lay financial foundations for the future and pre-retirees as they plan for their retirement and legacy. Connect with me by phone, email or through social media to begin a conversation about your next steps towards financial security and generous living. For Thrivent social media guidelines and important disclosure information visit”