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Photo of Ruthann Cantile
Ruthann Cantile
Financial Associate

About Ruthann Cantile

I always wanted to teach and coach, because my teachers and coaches were the stars in my life and I wanted to be a star for others! I played women’s hockey in college and earned my BS in education. A few years later I earned an MS degree in Sports Administration. I am proud to say that the 14 years I worked in higher education were enjoyable, and without teaching experience I couldn’t have made the transition to the financial industry. I am still a coach just now it’s in the realm of finance. Every day I am able to help others achieve their dreams. I have an incredibly generous family that allow me to spend long hours at the office with my clients, which takes time away from them, but they support me living out my passion of helping others. My relationship with God and with my children, Mariah (24), JD (17), are what keeps me balanced and strong.