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Photo of Ron Leland
Ron Leland
Financial Associate

About Ron Leland

I joined Thrivent Financial in 2019 and find the work both enjoyable and fulfilling. I'm driven to guide people as they build strategies that help provide financial protection for themselves and their families. I have personally experienced the importance of having protection in place. When my wife passed away, our financial strategy allowed my son, Jonathan, and I to move on and not worry about income while we grieved and adjusted to our new normal. My story could have turned out quite differently if it wasn't for a wisely crafted strategy, which is why I'm so passionate about guiding others to protect their families and plan for all scenarios. I’m located in Salem, Oregon. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing guitar and the saxophone, and traveling as often as I can. I also like giving back to the community through causes that focus on supporting children with special needs and assistance for low-income families.