How we work with you

How we work with you

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Our goal is to connect with each of our clients on a personal level. Building your financial future and goals is a very individualized need. We hope to meet you where you are in your financial journey and walk you through each step of the process until we have built a blueprint that reflects your wants and needs. We then continue to be there through each stage of your life. 

Although each course of action is tailored to the individual client, the process usually follows these steps: Establish what your goals are, create a blueprint to help reach those goals, which may include products and services to fit the strategy, then follow up with regular reviews and collaboration. We strive to stay connected with you throughout the year with news, updates, community involvement and being available when you reach out to us with any of your financial needs. The years have taught us finances are an ever-revolving wheel. We want to support your family through the generations and adapt to life changes.

Redwood Financial Advisors can also address the complex financial situations of families who have loved ones with special needs. 

We consider financial concerns such as paying for medical expenses, providing financial support for a child’s entire life, caregiver expenses, home modification costs, strategies to optimize government benefits, and financial support after caregivers have passed away.

Our team provides a support system for these families, taking out the uncertainty with questions like

“How do we plan for the future?”

 “Do we list our loved one as a beneficiary?”

 “What support programs are available?”


 “What happens when we’re no longer here?”

We strive to provide clarity in a world where there is a lot of unknown.

This is WHY we do what we do. 

And when we work together, it enables us to provide a resource that helps cut out the chaos and assures you’re never alone.

Thrivent financial advisors and professionals have general knowledge of the special needs programs available. For complete details on your situation, please contact the applicable federal or state program for details and eligibility.  

Special Needs Information