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Photo of Osni Ferreira Filho
Osni Ferreira Filho
Financial Associate

About Osni Ferreira Filho

My name is Osni and I am so glad you found my page. I am originally from Brazil and moved to the US in 2015 to marry my wife, whom I met in college. My childhood was very different than my wife's. Unfortunately, due to a lack of financial education in Brazil, I had to witness many people, including my family, lose everything they built when the economy shifted into a recession. This experience jump started my own interest to learn about finances and the basics of money management. Years later, I am passionate to wake up each morning knowing that I get to help other people accomplish their goals, achieve dreams, and mitigate risks in the hopes that they don't ever have to experience financial hardships. I'd love to meet, and learn about your aspirations and dreams, so we can work towards building you and your family a strong financial foundation while accumulating wealth! Yo hablo español. Eu falo português.