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Neil Brosnan

State(s) Licensed:   AZ, FL, NJ, NY, PA

Creating a P.A.T.H 2 Sucess

My father once told me, you should work to live, not live to work. We all work our entire adult lives in order to provide for ourselves and families. We sacrifice, we do without, we try to make the ends meet. I believe that life should be more than that, that money is a tool, not the goal. We need to enjoy all that we have given while here on earth. Your financial journey to all your goals is like climbing a mountain.

Going up the Mountain

 When climbing a mountain, the climb sometimes is not the hardest part. It’s the things like unforeseen weather, avalanches, high winds, an unseen crevasse, injury, the list goes on.   What is your plan to address the unforeseen in you assent up your mountain?

The Mountain Top

When you set out to climb a mountain, what is the goal?  Most people will say, “To get to the top, of course”. But when you do make it to the top, then what? You enjoy the view for a few minutes, take a few pictures and then begin to make your way back down, make your way back home. The mountain top is whatever you want it to be. Maybe yours is retirement. If it is, congratulations, you made it! But now what?

Going down the Mountain

When you finally make it to the top, whether you are prepared or not, you will have to get back down that mountain. That descent is full of the same unforeseen circumstances that tried to derail you in your assent. What is you plan for the way down that mountain so that you can live the life you love, for the rest of your life?

My team and I pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve the financial independence they so rightly deserve so that they can get up that mountain, enjoy the view and then get back home safely. 

So how do we do this for our clients? We have developed a seamless process that we refer to as your P.A.T.H. 2 Success. This process allows us to work together, in a collaborative team effort, to help prepare for the unseen and to  create solutions that help not only get up that mountain, but back down it. 

If you would like to cerate your own P.A.T.H. 2 Success, we are here to help.

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