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Photo of Nathan Musolff
Nathan Musolff
Financial Associate

About Nathan Musolff

Welcome to my professional website and the "about me" tab. Thrivent Financial for me is the pinnacle of a life of service. I was born and raised in the gateway to the northwoods, Antigo WI. I spent the 21 years serving that same community as a police officer for the Antigo Police Dept. I served in many ranks and roles there, which taught me the value of serving a community. I am ecstatic about the opportunity Thrivent has given me to continue a life of service to others. My drive to provide families with the highest level of service possible, Providing clients a financial model that they have complete understanding and confidence in, is important to me. My goal is to have each of my clients feel safe and secure in their financial strategy we established together, and they feel confident they can reach out at anytime to put addition work into their strategy.