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Photo of Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones
Financial Associate

About Nathan Jones

Hi, I’m Nate Jones, and this is why I’m a financial professional for Thrivent. In early 2018, my mother got pneumonia and was hospitalized for five weeks. The place she was renting had mold everywhere, but because of the rising cost of living in Portland my folks couldn’t move anywhere else. I decided to join Thrivent because I I wanted to help my folks find somewhere new to live and get their lives back on track financially. The day I took my first exam, my father passed away from a heart attack. For me, that solidified this wasn’t going to be just a job, but a calling to help families make plans for the unexpected. Prior to joining Thrivent, I completed four years at University of Oregon, while working 30 hours a week to ensure I didn’t have to take out any loans and graduated debt free. I understand what it is like to have a major life event disrupt your retirement plans overnight, and I’ll apply the same hard work and dedication for your family, as I did for my own mother.