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Photo of Myron Jordahl
Myron Jordahl
Wealth Advisor

About Myron Jordahl

Our mission at Thrivent is to help our members be wise with money and inspire generosity. When you work with the Arbors Group you have a team of professionals focused on your success. We ask the important questions to learn about your passions and concerns. Our financial planning experts, with over 80 years of combined experience, will work with you to tailor a strategy that you are comfortable with. My unique ability is to translate complex concepts into transparent ideas. I take the time to educate clients. There is no such thing as a "silly question". Have you ever wondered, “How much do I need to retire?” or “How much life insurance do I need?” I will help you find the answers. I'm blessed to have recently celebrated 30 years of marriage and have two grown children. I am a lifelong member of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church. When I have some free time, I enjoy soaking up the Texas sun while playing a round of golf with friends.