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Photo of Michael Williams
Michael Williams
Financial Associate

About Michael Williams

I was born in South Africa to missionaries and grew up in small town Missouri where I learned the value of hard work and serving your neighbor. From a young age, I grew to have a passion for learning how to be wise and honor God with money. It is my purpose to use this gift to help clients grow in their faith, knowledge, and wisdom so they may be equipped as wise stewards. We take a relationship and values based approach in working with our clients and enjoy partnering with them for life as we grow together. We are here to help serve your needs, protect your family, and leave your lasting legacy. The legacy you leave for your family and favorite charities is our legacy! I have been proud to call the Kankakee area home for 12 years and enjoy taking part in all the area has to offer. Additionally, I am honored to serve many clients across the Midwest and United States.