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Photo of Michael Farrance
Michael Farrance
Financial Associate

About Michael Farrance

I grew up in a small town in Southwest Michigan not far from where my office is. After 18 years of "growing up" I joined the United States Marine Corps where I did some more "growing up". The values I learned through my experiences are the reason I work for Thrivent. Words like honor, commitment and community are not just catchy buzz words but values that are deeply rooted in me. Relying on these values to help those around me achieve their financial goals and protect their loved ones through proper financial planning and life insurance solutions no matter where they are in their life is what I do. Sometimes the people I help are fellow Veterans and being able to help them is an added bonus. When we work together I'll assess your situation and develop a financial strategy designed exclusively for you using an appropriate combination of solutions and strategies, which may include insurance products and investments.