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Photo of Lynne Lien
Lynne Lien
Financial Associate

About Lynne Lien

Married to my best friend for 31 years now. I have 3 grown children who live in the Minneapolis area so I get to see them when our schedules fit. I started my career as a music education teacher, transitioned to piano teacher so I could be at home with my kids as they grew. I worked with independent business owners and found my fit here at Thrivent Financial helping take the fear and worry out of money. I love to help simplify the process of planning for my clients. I enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together of estate analysis and how to make sure we can give the most to our heirs in the event that we can do that. I love to to see the understanding in people's eyes when they know what the plan is, how to get there and that they will be alright. We can't all be experts in everything - so I'd love the chance to be the expert in "getting there" for you. Whether that is paying of debt, saving for college, planning for retirement or how you will give back.