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Photo of Lee Bohlman
Lee Bohlman
Financial Associate

About Lee Bohlman

I am a financial professional with experience working with new families to people who are looking to achieve the retirement of their dreams. Before working for Thrivent, I worked in law enforcement. I had the opportunity to learn a few items that I bring to my practice today. In those six years, I learned that a lot of individuals fail to plan when it is in their power to prepare for the unexpected. I relish the opportunity to have this tough conversation, one that a lot of people shy away from, but one that we need to tackle head-on. I also came to realize that humor and enjoying the journey will make this a memorable experience. In my eyes, it should be a laid-back, enjoyable experience. I know you have been dreaming of that beach retirement! If you're not comfortable with the person you are working with, then you are not working with the right person. Working together is more than having a conversation it is being fully invested in your future. When you succeed, I succeed.