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Photo of Lawrence Thompson
Lawrence Thompson
Financial Associate

About Lawrence Thompson

It has always been my philosophy that doing what is best for the client is simply good business. This means that when I work with you, I take the extra time needed to ensure I truly understand your unique situation. As we work together, I review every step and recommendation so that you fully understand what is being recommended and why. My job is to help you make the most beneficial and appropriate financial decisions given your specific circumstances. I take a holistic approach in helping my clients plan for their financial future. My goal is to help you assess your full financial picture and look for any potential gaps or pitfalls, make you aware of your options and help you reach your financial goals. On a more personal note, I'm a Navy veteran having served several years in Sicily then Texas as an Air Traffic Controller. Most of my free time is spent assisting my brilliantly creative wife with growing her small business and volunteering in the greater Jacksonville community.