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Photo of Laurie Dowd Gowdy
Laurie Dowd Gowdy
Financial Associate

About Laurie Dowd Gowdy

As a financial representative, I am available to provide guidance in many areas. This includes life insurance designed to protect and provide for loved ones. I can help answer the question of “How much life insurance do I need?” and also educate about which type of insurance best fits the situation. Informing individuals about investment options is another part of my work. Whether it is a small monthly contribution to an IRA and a child’s college fund, or an investment of a larger amount, I can provide options that will fit with the individual’s risk tolerance. I want people to be able to dream about what retirement could look like someday, and to do that, some strategies are needed. I want members to have a true picture of their financial health. Thrivent has many tools that will help me show you all the possibilities about how to save for retirement and to efficiently use those retirement dollars when the time is right.