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Photo of Kristen Edelman-Weiner
Kristen Edelman-Weiner
Financial Associate

About Kristen Edelman-Weiner

Do you find that your finances are getting more complex as time goes on? I do! What worries me most is that a fear of being sold products you don’t really understand or aren’t in your best interest is keeping many good people from seeking advice from financial professionals when they could really use some. For 26 years, our office has guided clients through situations and lifetimes. My goal, when you come into our office, is for your time with us to feel like a warm hug: comforting & supportive. We are with you to listen to what’s on your mind, work through it with you, and provide recommendations for your next steps. Your relationship with us can be brief, to meet a single need, or an ongoing plan with the reassurance year to year that you are on track and ok (like steady financial hand-holding). I encourage you to reach out to me. Let’s start our conversation together and see how we can accomplish your goals. You’re welcome here!