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Photo of Kim Dwyer
Kim Dwyer
Financial Associate

About Kim Dwyer

I truly feel led to help people live their best lives – and that looks different for everyone. It’s important to me that I get to know you and what your goals and dreams may be. Only then, can I provide financial guidance that is tailored to help create a safe and successful future for you and your loved ones. I am passionate about educating people and supporting local non-profits. You will see this played out in the workshops I host, events I participate in and the causes I support personally and professionally. I have a husband and four fabulous kids! I’ve lived through most of what I will be helping you with: saving for retirement, funding the children’s sports and activities, seeing my kids through college, decisions around an inheritance, retiring my spouse and deciding how to collect a pension and determining what retirement income will look like alongside Social Security, and some of life’s unexpected financial surprises.