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Photo of Karen Suttman
Karen Suttman
Financial Consultant

About Karen Suttman

Whether you're early in your career, preparing to enter "life after work" or already in retirement, I can help you identify opportunities and create a plan that can help you attain lifelong goals. My holistic approach begins with you. I want to learn about your needs. Your values. Your budget. From there, I can suggest a spectrum of solutions tailored to your specific situation. I can provide guidance about many financial aspects including: • Employment benefits • Protection of assets • Investments • Retirement income planning • Tax-efficiency structuring • Social Security planning I also understand that your goals may not be solely focused on your own future. I enjoy helping people establish a legacy through support of family and causes they care about. My own involvement with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Five Loaves and Sub Zero Mission provides insight I can draw from as I help you include generosity within your overall financial picture.