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Photo of Justin Drapeau
Justin Drapeau
Financial Associate

About Justin Drapeau

I was born and raised here in Colorado Springs. The city has prospered and changed just as life and our financial goals ebb and flow. As leader and part-owner of a local business for over 14 years, I built a love for finances and an understanding for people, which lead to a meaningful journey to help others be wise with money. Working closely with small businesses and educating owners on benefits is one of my favorite parts of my work. I also understand the need for families to work with advisors to design a future they want. With my own family in mind, my goal is to help protect families and put a plan in place for saving for future education, and other financial goals throughout life. I enjoy educating people on all the financial tools we have available to help enrich their lives and those around them. Let’s work together to guide you to your financial goals.