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Photo of Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell
Financial Associate

About Jordan Mitchell

"They don't care how much you know—until they know how much you care." Every day I wake up acknowledging that I'm blessed to serve families, friends and neighbors in a variety of ways. I have a passion for educating people on strategies they may utilize to become and stay financially secure. Whether an individual or a family, I value the life-long relationships I build with members as we work together to protect themselves, their families and invest in the future. Through our relationship-focused business model at Thrivent, I promise to provide you with customized investment strategies in a way that communicates how much I truly value you as a person, a friend, a neighbor—a member of the Thrivent family. At Thrivent, work never seems like the typical day in the office; I wholeheartedly believe in a proper work-life balance. I enjoy breaking up my dedicated time with camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing—almost anything with the great outdoors and I'll be there.